Benefits of Pure Cow Milk for Human Body

A cow is one of the most frequent breeds on both small and large scale. In addition to the meat, cattle ranch is also aimed to get milk from cows. In addition to rich benefits, cow’s milk is also more easily obtained with a price that is also more affordable. Milk can be processed into cheese, butter, yogurt, frozen yogurt (froyo), even ice cream. In addition, processed milk can be made into milk stick, milk candy, and milk chips.

The benefits of so much of this pure milk bring many entrepreneurs to explore the business of pure milk because without denying bring benefits to the entrepreneurs themselves in a very significant result. Selling pure cow milk in Indonesia are diverse ranging from pure milk sold directly from farms or processed pasteurized milk (direct drink). Processing from the pure milk itself also varies considering the benefits of so much and everyday … Read More

Cancer Treatment versus Cancer Prevention

Cancer is one of the biggest killers around the world. In America alone, 25% of all deaths are related to cancer.

Many people think of cancer as a single problem but in fact, it is a number of problems spread throughout the body. Generally speaking, if cancer is caught in the early stages of development, it can be treated and cured, as shown by how cancer centers cure patients.

Although there are several different types of cancer, the most common ones are Lung, Prostate, Breast, Testicular, Skin and Colon cancers.

Genes control the multiplication and growth of cells. If these genes are defective in the first place, then the cells will not be able to grow or divide properly. As a result of this abnormality, cancerous cells are born.

There are a number of factors which cause cancer. Factors which are controllable by humans are smoking, toxic elements and … Read More

How Traveling is Good for Your Health

Did you know that traveling is one for the best things that you can do for your health and well-being? While you may have some stress, and worry while traveling you will also be learning new things and seeing new places. When it comes to traveling, it does not matter if you do it by air, automobile, train, boat or walking just as long as you get out there and travel. According to a health article, there are many reasons why traveling is good for your mental and physical health. Some of those healthy reasons for traveling include: getting lots of exercises, challenging your brain, escaping from everyday stress, boosting your creativity, building social connections, improving your mood, and losing weight. In another article, it added that traveling is also good for your heart, shifts your perspective, and increases your connection with you. While it is fun meeting new people … Read More

How to bridge the gender gap in coaching

There are so many high-profile women in sports – you only have to look at the Golden Girls of track cycling. Yet they and many other successful women athletes are coached by men. In fact, only 30% of coaches are women according to a study by UK Coaching, and only 17% are qualified.

So why are so many women reluctant to get into sports coaching? Is it the enduring male culture that surrounds many team sports? Or is it the diminishing number of routes for women into participating in sport and then transitioning into coaching?

Do it yourself

Of course, participation in sport doesn’t have to be as a professional. Do it yourself training programs like the NHS Couch to 5K is simple and straightforward and have encouraged thousands to get involved in their local Park Run or even take it further and tackle a marathon.

The next step could … Read More