Ultrasounds are among the most common imaging tests ordered by medical professionals. In addition to helping identify an assortment of light to mid-range injuries, they can also prove invaluable in detecting such life-threatening ailments as cancer. The next time your doctor recommends that you have an ultrasound, there are several factors you should consider. Not only can this save you a substantial amount of time and money, it can also provide you with tremendous peace of mind. Before scheduling your next ultrasound, take care to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Does Your Insurance Cover It?

Fortunately, most insurance plans cover ultrasounds. However, not every facility will confirm that the procedure is covered by your policy before performing it. If it’s an emergency situation or your doctor has recommended that the test is performed ASAP, it’s in your best interest to let them carry it out. However, if the ultrasound is slated to take place at a later date, confirming that it’s covered under your policy can set your mind ease.

  1. How Good is the Equipment?

When it comes to medical imaging tests, clarity is crucial. As such, it pays to have these tests performed at facilities with cutting-edge equipment. An easy-to-read high resolution ultrasound can instantly give medical professionals a solid idea of what’s going on inside your body, enabling them to make an informed diagnosis. If the information you seek isn’t available online, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for detailed information on the hospital’s imaging equipment.

  1. Is a Hospital the Most Cost-Effective Option?

Assuming you’re not dealing with an emergency situation, you have options with regard to where your ultrasound is performed. Whether you have decent insurance coverage or are paying out a pocket, traditional healthcare facilities aren’t always the most cost-effective places to have imaging tests carried out. Unbeknownst to many healthcare seekers, there are quite a few independent imaging facilities, many of which are more affordable than hospitals and every bit as accommodating.

Having an ultrasound performed doesn’t have to be expensive, stressful or time-consuming – provided, of course, you know your options. These tests are fairly routine and painless, so there’s no reason for them to cause you any distress, financial or otherwise. The next time you find yourself in need of an ultrasound – or any other type of medical imaging procedure – you’ll be well-served by taking the previously discussed questions into consideration.