You’ve probably already known that cycling is good for you—right? You may be surprised to learn that biking offers many other health benefits besides its physical perks. Other than the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week, there are many health benefits of riding a bike.

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So if you’re planning to hop on the bike-boom bandwagon (started already!), here are good reasons for wanting to stay with it during this special time.

1. More Brainpower

Reviews from 2011 confirmed that regular exercise improves brainpower and fights Alzheimer’s in the elderly. According to 2017’s scientific literature review on the benefits of exercise, it improves cognitive functioning and, to some degree to slows the progression of the disease.

It is not just the elderly that this change will serve: Everyone will be better off because of this! Children are more greatly benefited by time spent on bikes, and benefits like that obtained from regular exercise have been shown to control attention deficit disorder.

2. Faster Recovery

Elderly patients who had pain from osteoarthritis reported much greater symptom relief when they began exercising, even if it was only a little each day, demonstrating that getting an occasional moderate exercise can be hugely beneficial to overall health as we age advances.

3. Improved Heart Health

Cycling is also great for your heart, even if you don’t like it that much. A five-year study of more than 1,500 people from Medicine & Science & Sports & Exercise was conducted. Individuals who exercised daily were more than 31% less likely to be affected by high blood pressure.

According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, vigorous exercise has a similar effect on lowering high blood pressure as medication. For now, don’t bail on your medication, but be sure to discuss with your doctor any additional sweating rides you are adding to your schedule.

4. Sexier Vibes

Very exciting: You aren’t alone in your assessment of how hot spandex kits are. Research of 600 individuals from the British Heart Foundation indicates that the population believes cyclists are 13% more intelligent and cooler than the average person, and 23% would choose to date someone who was a cyclist over someone who was sighted.

5. Lowered Risk of Cancer

Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and eating well are important in keeping your cancer risk at bay. And concluded that men who are in their middle years have a lower risk of lung and colorectal cancer.

6. Higher Self-Esteem

One should expect that exercise, no matter what type it is, to improve one’s self-confidence. When you accomplish the next QOM or KOM you are, your body will flood with feel-good hormones and make you feel like you have wings.

7. A Longer Life

In one scientific study of the Tour de France researchers, you found that participating in the event significantly lengthened the competitors’ lives. Compared to the former pros who lived to an average of 81.5 years, the general population had an average of 73.5 years: A 17% increase in lifespan!

This study claims that even casual cyclists get some health benefits from commuting by bike compared to the advantages of car driving a car, such as money, flexibility, and health benefits. The perceived downsides of bicycling for individuals varied from three to fourteen months of extra. A recent study conducted in 2018 shows that riding for thirty to sixty minutes each week could cut the risk of early death in half.