Recent research shows that approximately 7.5 million people visited hospitals in America due to shoulder problems. The same research tells us that approximately 4.5 million of this number had a rotator cuff problem. While shoulder injuries can be as a result of daily activities, they can also be caused by athletic activities. Common activities that can cause shoulder injury include gardening, hanging curtains as well as washing walls. On the other hand, athletic activities that can cause a shoulder injury may consist of weightlifting, pitching, tennis, and swimming. In most cases, these are overhead motions that are quite repetitive.

Shoulder injury warning

Before you can conclude that you are nursing a shoulder injury, you should consider the following issues. First, ask yourself whether your shoulder is stiff. If you can’t rotate your hand in normal positions, you should consider a visit to the doctor. If your shoulder feels like it can pop out of its socket, this is another indication that the condition may be serious. If you are not sure about whether the pain you are currently experiencing is from shoulder complications, you can pop over to these guys.

Types of Injuries

If you talk to someone who has ever experienced a shoulder injury, they will tell you that the injury affects tendons, ligaments, and muscles. This is unlike the common notion that the injury affects the bones. Shoulder injuries are common to athletes because they are used to intensive and repetitive training routines. In the beginning, many people tend to ignore the shoulder pain. However, this makes the situation more painful and complication. On the other hand, there are people who might underestimate the seriousness on a shoulder pain. According to orthopedic surgeons, shoulder problems can be grouped into two categories namely instability and impingement.


Instability comes when one of the shoulder joints shifts away from the normal position and this leads to the condition known as shoulder dislocation. This is characterized by an intense pain when you try to raise an arm. Another sign of this pain is a feeling as if the shoulder is slowly popping out of its place.


This injury is as a result of the acromion rubbing against the shoulder muscles at an intensive rate. For starters, the acromion is the top part of the shoulder blade. This shoulder complication is common to people who suffer from conditions that require excessive overhead arm motion. When you experience this condition, you should seek medical care with immediate effect.

Rotator cuff

Regarded as the main component of the shoulder, it’s also very susceptible to injuries. This can be explained by the fact that the rotor cuff is made up of tendons and muscles that hold shoulder bones together. As a result, these are the muscles that are responsible for making sure that people can lift their arms. At the same time, they are responsible for overhead reach. Shoulder exercises is a good way to address a shoulder injury. This might be comprised of basic shoulder strengthening, wall push-ups as well as shoulder press-ups.