A cow is one of the most frequent breeds on both small and large scale. In addition to the meat, cattle ranch is also aimed to get milk from cows. In addition to rich benefits, cow’s milk is also more easily obtained with a price that is also more affordable. Milk can be processed into cheese, butter, yogurt, frozen yogurt (froyo), even ice cream. In addition, processed milk can be made into milk stick, milk candy, and milk chips.

The benefits of so much of this pure milk bring many entrepreneurs to explore the business of pure milk because without denying bring benefits to the entrepreneurs themselves in a very significant result. Selling pure cow milk in Indonesia are diverse ranging from pure milk sold directly from farms or processed pasteurized milk (direct drink). Processing from the pure milk itself also varies considering the benefits of so much and everyday demand is increasing. The Indonesian government also campaigned for the “let’s drink milk every day” movement and it was very successful overall.

Because of the many components of compounds contained in cow’s milk make cow’s milk is very beneficial to health. Benefits of cow’s milk for our body health include:

  1. Reduces risk of bowel cancer

The natural fat component consisting of calcium and linoleic acid in dairy products is known as a protective compound from colon cancer. By regular consumption of cow’s milk can reduce the risk of colon cancer by 15%.

  1. Prevent heart attack

Calcium content in cow’s milk can also reduce the risk of heart attack by increasing good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol levels if consumed in sufficient quantities.

  1. Optimize bone growth

The content of calcium, protein, phosphorus, and magnesium make cow’s milk is very good for child growth and maintain bone health for parents.

  1. Healthy teeth

The content of calcium and phosphorus proteins is also able to protect the enamel layer and stimulate saliva or saliva. It is useful to neutralize acid in the mouth, calcium in cow’s milk can also prevent the incidence of tooth holes.

  1. Lowering blood pressure

Cow’s milk contains calcium, potassium, and protein. Calcium is very nutritious bind and reduce the absorption of bad fats in the intestine and prevent blood pressure rise.

  1. Benefits of cow’s milk to keep the skin smooth

The content of vitamin B2 and vitamin A in cow’s milk is very useful to maintain the smoothness and moisture of the skin.

  1. Neutralize toxins in the body

Milk itself has a very important benefit to neutralize various types of toxins in the body. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink milk after swallowing the medicine. This will cause the drug content lost due to neutralized by milk.

Hopefully, a little review of this article makes us better maintain the health of the body by getting used to consume pure cow milk every day and feel their own benefits and benefits. Keep Healthy and Happy Trying.