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Who is not familiar with the brand “Viagra” Brand of this product has long been known and become manly for improving the harmony of their intimate relationship, especially on the bed. But there are unique things from this Viagra brand, although already many who sell Viagra. But not many know the origin of this product. Initially, Viagra was designed as a high blood medicine and heart attack. Penis erection is actually a “pleasant side effect”.

The work of designing sildenafil, or better known as Viagra, has been started since 1985 by scientists working at Pfizer’s pharmacy factory in Kent, England. The initial goal is to design a high anti-blood drug as well as anti-angina pectoris (pain in the chest caused by the stoppage of blood flow to the heart).

In 1989, after four years of tinkering with hundreds of thousands of chemical compounds, Pfizer scientists discovered compound number 92480 (coded UK-92480) which showed a better potency than zaprinast, a long-standing anti-blood drug.

The ghosts were abysmal by the discovery, Pfizer scientists then decided to test the UK-92480 compound directly to high blood patients and heart disease. The first clinical trial was held at Morriston Hospital, Swansea.

The result? Disappointing. Dr. Simon Campbell, one of the scientists involved in the discovery of Viagra recalled those sad moments in Bayer Lecture’s 2000 public lecture:

“… we were disappointed when the results of sildenafil clinical trials in patients with coronary heart disease did not match our expectations. However, instead of being sadly swallowed by sadness, we decided to continue the tempo of giving the drug to patients up to a maximum of 10 days with multiple doses, in the hope that the efficacy of this drug will be seen. Finally, various side effects start to appear, such as muscle and headaches, digestive disorders, and increased penile erection.”

When doctors ask patients to return the drugs that are not drunk, the male patients firmly refuse to return them.

Until now the sale of Viagra or Jual Viagra Murah has spread throughout the world and proved as a powerful male drug that is very powerful to overcome various sexual problems.

In addition to sexual problems not many are also aware that there are some positive benefits of Viagra is;

1.    Fighting Cancer

The researchers found that Viagra helps shrink tumors and protects the heart from damage when used with anti-cancer drugs. This is because Viagra strengthens the effect of doxorubicin (anti-cancer treatment by eradicating tumors). The research team from the VCU School of Medicine is working to develop the potential of this one Viagra. One researcher, Rakesh C. Kukreja, Ph.D. said: “We believe (Viagra) could be an excellent candidate for incorporation into cancer treatment protocols.”

2.    Against Heart Disease

Some people find it very risky if heart disease patients consume Viagra. But recent trends suggest if used with the right dose of Viagra can be one of the heart disease treatments. For example congestive heart failure, which occurs because the heart is unable to pump blood as needed by the body.

The use of Viagra can increase the heart’s capacity to pump blood, overcoming a sudden attack strengthens the heart. Circulatory problems caused by congestive heart failure can also lead to erectile dysfunction, which is, in fact, the main function of Viagra.

Wait… is not just that, Viagra has a beneficial side effect of lowering blood pressure and is more cost-effective and less invasive than other treatment options. In short, Viagra can only be a miracle cure for millions of people around the world who live with heart problems.

3.    Helping Fertility in Women

The effects of Viagra on the male reproductive system are well known, but it turns out to be another function for women. When used (maap) through the vagina, Viagra greatly improves blood flow to the uterine wall, giving the fertilized egg a better chance to stick and grow.

Many factors influence how blood behaves in the lining of the uterus. can inflammation, hereditary problems, etc. it can cause problems for natural pregnancy and in-vitro fertilization. Viagra has been used to help this problem and can be an effective (though strange) cure for many women.

4.    Helping Premature Baby and Depression growth

Nitric oxide not only helps with erectile problems but is also used to sustain premature and skinny babies in intensive care. Treatment is done with the inhalation therapy of nitric oxide, which is very important in the process of assisting the growth of a small baby but can lead to complications thereafter. One of the complications – Rebound pulmonary hypertension – which can have serious consequences. At the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, a group of infants was used as the subject for this new treatment idea.

While given nitric oxide, 15 of the subjects were given a single dose of Viagra. None of them had pulmonary hypertension rebounds. In total, the babies who received Viagra out of the ICU were four times faster than those who did not

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