Hair has a very significant role in our lives – it is associated with youthfulness and beauty in women and virility and masculinity in men; so, it’s no surprise that hair loss can make many men and women feel self-conscious.  But most of the times we end up doing all the wrong things that can damage our hair. A lot of people go to others’ suggestions and buy expensive shampoos and products which might not be good for their hair.

hair treatment

Don’t we always want our hair to look like it has been just caressed by a salon professional? But most of the times, we do not even have enough time to wash our hair. Let us have a look on this article which has narrated the perfect way for hair treatment.


1. Wash your hair the right way

Over washing your hair can be damaging; especially if you have your hair bleached or coloured. Water washes away the natural oil and protein of your hair which damages your hair scalp by almost 40%. Thus, treatments for hair loss is never to wash your hair regularly; rather you can wash it twice or thrice a week.

2. Protect your hair

Many women are scared of female hair loss, but they don’t use the right way to protect their hair from UV rays or other external things. Try to tie your hair up before you go out in sunlight. Also, use heat protection while blow drying or straightening your hair.

3. Egg and onion treatment

If you are worried about giving yourself the perfect hair treatment, egg and onion are sure going to give you the perfect company. Onion juice gives you the right amount of protein and keratin that you need to keep your hair healthy. You can use the onion juice along with your regular shampoo. And as a conditioner, you can use the egg hair treatment. Use ½ cups of the egg white and keep your moist with it for 20 minutes at least. This will give your damp hair a glossy shine.

4. Apply the right brushing technique

Only applying different products on your hair will not help the process of your hair treatment or hair loss. To protect and nurture your hair in the right way, you have to focus on the correct brushing technique as well. Always try to use wide tooth comb to brush your hair. Also, it is advised to avoid plastic combs to avoid the static electricity that breaks hair.

5. Avoid tying your hair tightly

An added advice to your hair treatment is not to tie your hair too tightly. If you have brittle hair, rubber bands are likely to do more damage to your hair.

It is true that there is no perfect way to nurture hair as everyone has a different kind of hair. However, these five techniques will surely help you overcome the major brittle issues.