Mirror-Mirror how do I look?

The reflection of your image should be accepted with grace and confidence because your perception is going to cast a very strong impact on your overall personality. A model type image is not going to stay with you forever. The perfect image of a perfect model with all the perfect curves overshadows our perceptions. The better you think of your body the more you are going to love yourself. The way you perceive yourself is severely going to impact your overall behavior and relationship with yourself and others.

A young fragile girl is inculcated with a thought of a perfect body image at a very young age. High emphasis is led on to the size and appearance which conditions the young brain to find its self-worth in the perfect curves. Internal beauty is ignored. Thinner and muscular frames are associated with the signs of being hardworking more popular and self-disciplined. On the flip side being fat is a sign of you being the laziest person in the entire universe. The stereotypical views deeply rooted in our society have forced many young people into the mundane fight of staying fit. The stereotypes have given rise to unreasonable judgments based on their outer appearance. The consistent pressure to stay lean and muscular creates anxiety and increased pressure.

Nowadays the grade of happiness depends a lot on your physical appearance, happiness quote cannot be defined by the image reflected in the mirror. The media is greatly responsible for setting the unrealistic targets which have created a strong desire to achieve the model type look. All the standards regarding weight and size are to be met otherwise you are set to face the stern looks of embarrassment from your beloved friends and family who start to love you based on your external features.

Fat being the main culprit cannot be anywhere other than the bulky breast and heavy buttocks. 39-18-33 are the most accepted shapes in our society.

The case is no different with boys where they are required to look muscular with the uneven bulge of muscles all over their body. The irregular structure with the bicep size equal to the waist size. The fictional characters depict the perception of what our society thinks is right, the exaggerated picture showcased in the movies has raised the bar of expectations to a very hypothetical level. The media’s portrayal of thinner frames is getting the high time attention. The physical insecurities can be seen in both the sexes from the concept to look lean and muscular garner higher attention.

In comparison to the unrealistic image set in the mind of an individual, it comes as no surprise when we find women and men feel ashamed and unsatisfied with the way they look.  They are increasingly adopting cosmetic surgeries. Not every woman has the ideal genetic makeup or to be specific a model type figure. Where body types are altered right from undergoing the lip surgery to a high time buttock surgery.

Body types are compared, perceptions are changed. The constant comparison ruins the soul, tramples it beneath the consistent pressure to look smashingly amazing. Surgeries are opted to get the luscious hairs to the techniques of skin rejuvenation to get the perfect skin.

The wrong portrayal in movies where the protagonist gets on with tons of makeup triggers us into thinking about the unachievable beauty. The condition is not very different in case of men where they are expected to achieve the body shape which is practically impossible without the use of steroids. Our bodies are having a physiological limitation regarding the growth of muscle these sorts of hypothetical expectations hurt the natural procedure and creates irregular shapes.

Another important issue is the increasing peer pressure to attain unreasonable body shape of being either super thin or super muscular to be accepted by the beloved circle in which your natural beauty is trampled. The madness to change one’s appearance has been a rising issue. Every time we stand in front of a mirror, we wish to alter our appearance into something more beautiful. Thoughts of others have started to matter more than the beauty of our own soul.

Weight and height measurements are routinely checked, and any sort of pick and drop has the label of being unhealthy. You try your level best to alter you’re eating and exercise patterns. The clinician, of course, has good intention as they are making efforts to keep you away from any sort of obesity epidemic.

Staying fit is independent of your weight. The commonly seen cases, where a person slightly overweight is pursuing the balanced diet, they exercise regularly and enjoy excellent health while on the flip side people with healthy weights has unhealthy habits.

If you are having issues with the weight prejudice it is possibly going to cast a very negative impact on your self-esteem and the overall body image. When you are told to practice something, which is socially accepted and ignore the natural beauty you are bestowed with, destructs you to the core. The feeling of shame and guilt starts to envelop you.

The body size contributes to the amazing overall personality and physical attractiveness. How you present yourself in your social settings plays a big role. The person outgoing and upbeat, with a friendly smile, plastered all over their face and welcoming posture attracts people in no time. You are assumed to be friendlier and an easy-going person, these types of traits contribute to the overall attractiveness, confidence, and pride.

Broaden your perspective and talk to people. Beauty is not about the physical appearance but the internal beauty which matters and the same is entirely ignored. To change your entire look is a herculean task any efforts to change your appearance is the waste of time. Put a stop upon all these emotionally destructive thoughts and change the perception.

You are beautiful and accept yourself with open arms.