In the past, ties were only used in countries where cold weather served as a warmer on the neck when winter arrived. But apparently, today, ties are widely used by many people around the world. Yes, now the tie turned into a person’s degree indicator in the community. The tie is regarded as honorable.

Ties are an additional attribute of the wearing clothes. Ties are usually used for formal activities such as work, teaching or student education, applying for jobs and other formal or formal events. Tying ties seems very easy but for those of us who are not accustomed to using a tie when going to wear it would feel confused and a little difficulty in wearing the tie well and correctly, unless you want to the tie it’s just a simple tie, of course, it is easy.

Tie a good tie and certainly, there is a technique in accordance with the tie model and the techniques you use, in general, many modes are generally used in formal events or formal. Then how to install the right tie and easy most commonly used for formal events is like the following picture;

But unfortunately, it was not always a tie that can have a good impact. There is a health fact that explains that using a tie can be bad for our health. Apparently, when using a tie, the flow of blood to the head becomes somewhat hampered. Thus, the tie must be loosened within a certain period of time so that the needed brain blood can be fulfilled.

Not only that, the lack of blood can also cause a person’s focus to increase in a certain time, then in a certain period will decrease drastically and the person will be sleepy. This is certainly dangerous because drowsiness can decrease one’s productivity.

In addition, can be harmful to the brain and can cause sudden sleepiness, the use of a tie that is too long also turned out to harm the eyes. Lack of blood supply to the head causes eye vision ability to decrease faster. In fact, at the most severe stage, the use of an overly long tie may increase the risk of developing glaucoma (sudden vision loss).

Apparently, quite a lot of negative impact if too often use a tie. So, if the meeting you attend is not too important, it is better to avoid using a tie to get a healthier body.