Weight loss has always been the trending topic and a huge struggle for half of the population, the need to get rid of the adamant chunks is quite a difficult journey where for some the journey is a cake walk while for others it is the hardest nut to crack. The struggle seems to be never-ending. Long walks, climbing mountains for that matter any activity requiring physical activity scares them. All the attempts to lose weight seems to be disappearing into thin air. They try, they try but fail to lose the fats. They are constantly moving in the darker zones with no proper guidance. Plus, they lay utmost faith upon the misconceptions of weight loss. Various miraculous ways are listed to lose weight. but around 98% of the tactics have no scientific proof.

Some of the most prevalent misconceptions are listed below which we have tried to debunk. It is up to you to have a fundamental understanding as to what should be opted and what needs to be avoided. Use your judgments wisely.

Myth: dinner after the evening is unhealthy

Eating late is highly discouraged but it is fine if there is enough time lag between dinner and your bedtime. Make sure that you avoid high calories food at once before bedtime.

Last word: Have enough time lag between your dinner time and bedtime.

Myth: Consume plenty of healthy food

The common advice with which every layperson is going to enlighten you is to opt for healthy diet regime but the same if cooked with high-calorie oil fails entire mission of losing weight.

Intake of fruit juices which no doubt is health with many tiny cubes of sugar is the worst combination you can opt to remain fit.

Last word: opt for the overall, healthy diet.

Myth: Supplements aid you in Lessening Weight

Use of Supplements helps you lose weight loss is the globally accepted truth. The overall theory of supplement works on the placebo effects. People fall for this marketing gimmick where after going for the supplement diet they make conscious eating choices which in turn help them to maintain a healthy weight.

Last word: The decision of eating by mind will counter all the efforts of hitting the gym and sweating for the long hours.

Myth: Strong willpower can address Obesity.

Weight gain/loss is not all about the strong willpower, nor about choices you make. The presence of the adamant fat on your belly region is not a fancy sight. Obesity is enveloped with complexities. If one among them goes in a disproportioned way, voila you have gained those adamant chunks of weight again.

Our body has various hormones which regulate weight. These hormones are sometimes dysfunctional in people, which makes it difficult for them to shed weight.

For instance, obesity in Infants, cannot be blamed for the lack of willpower, but the biological factors are playing a huge role in the background. Do not let this explanation be a bait for avoiding your exercises regime.

Last word: Strong willpower is not everything. Genetic and biological factors lay a huge impact on the overall appearance of the body.

Myth: Eat less, move more

The stored body fats help in giving energy which can be used later. To lose fat more calories need to discharge out of your fat cells as compared to their entry. In simple words, if the calories are making a quick exit out of the fat cells then the person starts to shed weight.

The strategy to eat less and move more is not the best one for the obese people. It is similar to scare the already sacred kid, which needless to say is futile.

Last word: The counter advice is not always the best solution.

Myth: Fat Makes You Fat

However, similar the two words may resonate but there is little correlation. Eating more is going to increase the proportion of the already stored fat.

However, it turns out that things are not this simple. There is nothing uniquely defined about fat making you overweight but the common belief of fat resonating to obesity makes it an easy target. The presence of fat is found in all the junk foods due to which they are successfully categorized as unhealthy.

Last word: Fat is important for energy. It should not be always blamed.

Myth: Eating Breakfast is Necessary to Lose Weight

“Breakfast eaters do not usually gain higher weight as compared to people who do not opt for breakfast”. Is the prevalent misconception. The fact beyond this practice is usually breakfast eaters are more likely to be following the healthy lifestyle habits.

There is no scientific fact beyond this myth other than the most obvious one of following healthy lifestyle contributing to the healthy weight.

Last word: Do not overeat or under eat, is the easiest way to suffix the issue of weight gain.

Myth: Fast food leads to speedy weight gain

Fast food comes in the domain of not so healthy food, but not all fast foods are unhealthy. Due to this common misconception, many food joints have started to tag along with the normal food items into healthy fast food.

 They have started a common gimmick to fool the unaware audience by categorizing the usual food into the healthy category.

Last word: Take decision based on what and how the food was processed before it reached your table.

Myth: Desserts should be deserted

The delicious dessert is always blamed, the little scoop is the evil beyond the tantrum of every obese person.

Scoop a week is fine if you follow a specific and a limited calorie intake. Keeping yourself away from the delicious dessert is never gaining to do any justice. There is the root of everything in your diet especially the ones you love the most — but have a mindful thought about your eating patterns Denying yourself your favorite foods can lead to binge eating and it will result in overeating the very instance you step into the delicious looking ice-cream parlors.

Last word:  frequent consumption of desert is bad, ones a week is just fine.

Myth: a lot of weight loss makes the difference.

The drastic transformation is backed by the enormous efforts. Every tiny step counts, every single kg lost marks a huge achievement, the baby steps taken every day pulls you closer towards the ideal weight. Loss of little chunks daily is going to result in something very huge someday.

Last word: little steps counts, keeping walking

Myth: Diets are necessary for weight loss

Diet proves to be helpful, but not that much, the weight loss industry has deep-rooted the importance of diet in our system. On the other side, it is proven that diet never goes a long way

Do not opt diet with the mindset to lose weight. Alter your belief, choose healthy eating. That will go long way in keeping you healthier and fitter.

Good lifestyle means eating healthy, following the rigid exercise regime and sleeping better which is going to pose the naturally positive impact on your body.

Last word: opt for a healthy lifestyle not just for the short-term diet routine.

Myth: Obese are obese, slender figures are healthy

The common misconception that obese people are vulnerable to a bunch of chronic diseases.

The common disease covered under this umbrella are type 2 diabetes, heart disease and increased risk of some cancers.

However, there are many people who were obese are metabolically healthy, and on the flip side, lightweight people are suffering from various chronic diseases.

Last word: The person weight is not what makes him or her unhealthy, but the healthy habits define the overall health.

Myth: “Diet” Foods aid in Losing Weight

The opulent group has come up with the most illogical logic of consuming diet food to remain fit because of this tradition there is altogether new category of diet food available which are labeled as healthy

For instance, there is the huge demand for low-fat foods, fat-free foods, and disguised high-sugar beverages sold under the label of healthy food. But the fact is these foods cannot be relied on as healthy, the labels are there to the common people.

Last word: To come out of this dangerous cobweb notice the ingredients in packaging that will help you make the informed decision. Not all diet foods are healthy

Myth: Juices are the best weight loss practices

Juice diet and weight loss holds the strong ground but results from it are relatively going to be short term, you will soon be joining the clan of the obese people searching for surgeries day in and out.

Fruit juice diets are not having necessary nutrients like protein, fat, and fibres. Vegetable and fruit juices are no doubt rich in sugar, vitamins, and minerals but all the fibres are stripped out. It’s better to prefer raw vegetables and fruits which are way richer in fibre.

Last word: Not all fruit juices are healthy, prefer raw food and vegetables.

Myth: Cardio Is the ultimate solution

Gym means cardio for the majority of women. but cardio is not the most effective strategy for weight loss. You will be happy with the short-term results by shedding some quick pounds but over time the progress is going to be least.

The obvious reason being the highly repetitive nature of these exercises which our body adapts very adapt quickly.

Second, cardio is a low-intensity workout which targets twitch muscle fibres. But to lose weight target on the fast twitch fibres—which are larger and have more growth potential —activities like weightlifting stands a better chance of proving to be beneficial in weight loss.

High-intensity workout helps in burning tons of calories and speed up metabolism for up to 72 hours at least.

Last word: target fast twitch fibres as they are proved to be more helpful rather than the low twitch ones.