Addressing the Issues Surrounding Shoulder Injuries

Recent research shows that approximately 7.5 million people visited hospitals in America due to shoulder problems. The same research tells us that approximately 4.5 million of this number had a rotator cuff problem. While shoulder injuries can be as a result of daily activities, they can also be caused by athletic activities. Common activities that can cause shoulder injury include gardening, hanging curtains as well as washing walls. On the other hand, athletic activities that can cause a shoulder injury may consist of weightlifting, pitching, tennis, and swimming. In most cases, these are overhead motions that are quite repetitive.

Shoulder injury warning

Before you can conclude that you are nursing a shoulder injury, you should consider the following issues. First, ask yourself whether your shoulder is stiff. If you can’t rotate your hand in normal positions, you should consider a visit to the doctor. If your shoulder feels like it … Read More