When looking for a means of living healthy in this life, there are so many options that friends and family will bring forth as best. Some will suggest you go for supplements, which can eventually result in a supplement hunt for you, while some will suggest that you take natural foods.


There is no doubt that supplements are great for vitamin and mineral resources, but the best of all is to take food so we can get the body’s required balanced diet. Let’s discuss the differences and benefits we get when we take supplements and food to help us look healthy and, at the same time, see if taking supplements is hype or help for healthy eating.


Medical practitioners, nutritionists all agreed that taking food first is the best option that gives our body the required level of a balanced diet and some other dietary factors found in vitamins and mineral supplements.

They went further to argue that foods provide a lot more of bioactive components dietary fiber that supplements can’t provide for the body. Some supplements do not give nor allow full absorption of vitamins if taken without food in the stomach.


There is no doubt that a balanced diet is the best approach to get vitamins and minerals for the body; supplements can also help. The reason why supplements can also be of help is that there are times that, despite the food you have eaten, there may still be some deficiencies. This deficient area is what will allow supplements to do its work. However, nutritionists accepted that supplements are also capable of providing 100% of our daily recommended allowance for all vitamins and minerals, which automatically means that supplements are ok to fill up the gap of spaces that foods could not fill.

Follow your body’s language

  • Eat healthy foods: there is no alternative to a balanced diet. You have to cultivate the habit of making good food.
  • A patient that is suffering from heart diseases is left with no other option than to take supplements like Omega 3 fatty acids called EPA + DHA. Ideally, this supplement must be the type that comes from fish.
  • If you are a patient that is suffering from elevated triglycerides, make the taking of 2 to 4 grams of omega-three supplements a duty daily.

Things you must avoid

  • Avoid the consumption of antioxidant vitamin supplements such as A, C, and E. Based on scientific research, such supplements can’t reduce blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol, or even stop smoking.
  • Avoid relying on supplements: doctors and nutritionists have not been able to give any reliable data that healthy people benefit by taking specific vitamins or mineral supplements over the daily recommended allowance.


Don’t be a supplement hunt. Naturally, food helps the body achieve a complete balanced diet. Supplements are not to be neglected, too, as they have their ways of solving one problem or the other in the body. An excellent example of the right supplement to take is Omega 3. Take it only by prescription.